NBI Clearance Appointment

NBI Clearance Appointment

NBI Clearance Appointment date ,Time and schedule you can select on your own behalf. This is very common problem for all people to get appointment. The process of NBI Clearance is very easy and simple here we will provide you easy way to get appointment. For this purpose its compulsory for you to read all instructions of this post carefully.

And also follow all instructions and steps carefully. Through out this article you will easily understand how to get appointment for NBI clearance. This NBI clearance is very important document for those people who wants to live in Philippines.

NBI Clearance Appointment

NBI Clearance Appointment
image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

First of all lets see the stand for of NBI, this is stand for National Bureau of Investigation. This is very important institute of  Philippines which Investigate the bio data of all those people who interested to visit Philippines.

Now dears come and see how you can get appointment easily. For this purpose you need to follow some steps which are given below.

Step#1: Visit this site NBI Website

Step#2: If you have already account then login into this site.

Step#3: If you have not already account then sign up mean create new account.

image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

Step#4: After this you need to login into this site using your account, the new page will be open a new this type of page will be appear and you need to click on apply for clearance                                                               

Step#5: When you will select Apply for Clearance a new window or page will be open and here you can select date and time.

Step#6: And also you can select NBI branch which is suitable for you to visit and pay fee.

Step#7: Finally go to branch which you have selected on appointment day and time for payment.

NBI Appointment Reschedule

When you have appointment for NBI Clearance then there is not a way to reschedule it. All those people who have not visit for payment of NBI clearance on NBI branch. Then they need to skip previous NBI reference number and get another appointment and then save new reference number to pay for NBI clearance payment.

You must need to pay NBI clearance payment in 24 hours. After 24 our when you will not pay this will expire. And also we meets many people who forget their NBI reference number. Those people who have lost their reference number they need to go and open their account and then go to transaction page and see their reference number.

NBI Clearance Renewal Procedure

And also we meets different people who are facing the problem of renewal of their Clearance. This is very simple to renew this. For this purpose all people need to follow some simple steps. And here will give you easy way to renew this. The procedure to renew NBI clearance is very easy and you can done this easily by following some steps.

Lets see how you can renew your civil id status. For this purpose you need to visit this Renewal Procedure and follow all steps to renew this NBI Clearance in just short period of time without any type of other people helps.

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