Nbi Clearance Registration

Nbi Clearance Registration

Nbi Clearance Registration process is simple and all people can register in NBI with online System. For this purpose you need a computer or mobile through which you can get access in the Registration website easily.

The procedure to register in NBI Clearance is easy and you can done this job by following some simple steps or points. NBI Clearance is a special document which is issued by the Government of Philippines.

Nbi Clearance Registration

NBI Clearance Application
image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

In all over the world all countries launched special id card for foreigner to make peace in the country. Through these card its not possible for foreigner to break the rules of the country. And the government of Philippines also issued a special card which is known as NBI Clearance. Through this card all people can make government transactions legal way.

This also shows the proof of identity. Therefore this is very compulsory document and also this is a valuable card for all people who wants to live in Philippines. And also companies before giving you job required this nbi clearance for satisfication that you are not involve in crimes. And after this come and see complete procedure of NBI Clearance Registration.

Registration Procedure

The procedure to get registration is not difficult you can easily get registration by following simple steps. Here we will give you some easy and simple steps of registration in NBI Clearance. Lets see how people can get registration in NBI Clearance. This is very simple and easy First of all you need to go and visit Click here Site

1: First of all you nee to visit this site  WEBSITE

2: After This a new window will be open and On that new page you will be two choice yes or not.  You need to choose not option because you are going to create new account. So its your first time so select no option.

3:  And when you will select no then After this new this type of page will appear.

4: And you need to fill this form correctly

NBI Clearance Application
image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph


Registration As New Account you need to fill this form and then sign up. Lets see how you can fill this Form follow these instructions:

  • First of all select Gender
  • Choose your status
  • Give you Date Of Birth
  • Enter First Name
  • Enter Middle Name
  • Enter Surname
  • Enter you Email Address
  • And create Password
  • Accept Terms And Services
  • Fill Captcha
  • Click on Sign Up

Now Your Account will be created and then you need to sign in using this account

4: For Sign In inter your Email Address and Password which you Have Created above.

NBI Clearance Sign In
image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

5: After this when you will sign in then you need to fill a application form. The form which will appear is given below and you need to fill this form complete with confirm detail.  All information which is required you must fill here. And after filling this form you need to save information.

image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

6: When you will sign in on this account there will be two options for you

First apply for Clearance

2nd Edit Information

image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

First of all come and see how apply for Clearance. The process to apply for Clearance is very simple you need to click on apply for Clearance. Through following these steps you can easily registered in NBI clearance. You must follow all these above instruction for registration and after this you can apply for NBI Clearance . So we are hopeful that our this article will be helpful for you and you can registered yourself in this easily.

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