NBI Clearance Renewal

NBI Clearance Renewal

NBI Clearance is a special document of Philippines. And NBI stand for National Bureau of Investigation and all people who needs job in Philippines. This document held the record of people activities. And here we will discuss in detail how people can renew their NBI clearance.

NBI Clearance Renewal process is very easy. And here in steps we will discuss the procedure to renew NBI Clearance. All procedure of NBI Clearance Renewal is very simple lets see steps to renew NBI clearance.

NBI Clearance Renewal

NBI Clearance Renewal
image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

The process of renewal is very easy and simple lets see how you can renew your NBI Clearance Renewal. There are two way of NBI Renewal and also here we will discuss how those people can renew their card who are are outside the country.

We will discuss in detail how to apply for renewal through online system. And also we will discuss how people can renew their card through visiting NBI center.

All the procedure to apply for renewal is very easy and simple everyone can renew their card easily by following some simple steps which we will give you in detail below of this. You must need to read all instructions and detail carefully. Lets see all process in detail which are in different types:

(a) The quick renewal service

The process to renew NBI through Quick Renewal Services is simple. In below you can see where is quick renewal Service just click on that and follow all instructions which are given below. Lets see steps to renew NBI Clearance through this method:

NBI Clearance Renewal
image Credit: clearance.nbi.gov.ph

Step#1: First of all you need to visit This Website.

Step#2: NBI Clearance eServices and click on NBI clearance Quick Renewal option. You can also see in above picture

Step#3: Then you need to Enter your NBI id number  and click on verify Option.

Step#4: After this Fill Quick Renewal Delivery Form and then click on next option.

Step#5: Enter you Date of  Birth

Step#6: After this you need to select payment method its on your choice

Step#7: Read all Instructions carefully which were shows in reminder box that appears and after this click on next option.

Step#8: Reference number will appear write it and then click on proceed button

Step#9: Then visit the branch which you have chose for payment

Step#10: Show them reference number to pay fee of renewal

Step#11: And after this finally you can get you new NBI document after 5 or less than 5 days.

(b) The Regular Renewal Process

After this come and see 2nd method to renew NBI Clearance document. This is one of the best way to renew because through this process you need to go center of NBI and provide requirements for NBI renewal Procedures. Through this process you can done this job easily as compare with online method. And also this way is cheap then online renewal procedure. Lets follow all these steps for Regular Renewal Process  method to renew you NBI Clearance.

Step#1: First of all you need to visit NBI Center on your appointment day.

Step#2: After going to NBI center go to Biometric and Image Capture section and provide your reference number

Step#3: In this section your photo, digital signature, and fingerprints will be captured.

Step#4: And Finally validate or provide the  information on the computer screen

So by following these steps you can renew your NBI clearance easily.

How To Renew NBI Clearance From Abroad?

And now come and see all those people who are outside the Philippines can also renew their NBI clearance. And come and see how the foreigner and Philippines people can renew NBI. First of all there are two ways to renew NBI Clearance from abrod.

(a)Through Representative

Through this process you can renew your Card through your friends or relatives which you have trust in Philippines. If you have signed authorized letter you need to send this with that person who are going to renew your NBI Clearance and all require document must be available on online appointment date. .

Lets see which document you must send with that person for renewal:

  1. You must send old NBI clearance with that person
  2. A letter of authorization
  3. And a  2×2 passport size photo
  4. And also must send a copy of your passport

And Then follow the procedure which is given below how to renew NBI Clearance online

  1. For this First of all Make online appointment
  2. And also it is  compulsory and done by either yourself or your authorized person its on your own behalf
  3. At last Submit online application for NBI Renewal

(b) Without an authorized representative

This procedure is one of the best and easy to renew from abroad through simple steps and here is not a need any type of Authorization letter. Here you need to send your documents directly to center.

You must need to follow these steps for renewal from abroad without Authorized Representative.

  1. First of all you must Ensure that you have all necessary documents listed above
  2. The papers together with a P220 money order or bank draft are sent via mail to NBI center building
  3. And also Make an online appointment
  4. And at last you need to wait for the document to be delivered to you.

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