NBI Clearance Requirements

NBI Clearance Requirements

In every field of life when you wants to get some legal documents then they require some documents. Without providing  these document they not registered you or they not issue you that document. In the case of NBI Clearance document you need to fulfil some Requirements then you can get this NBI Card Lets see in detail about the requirement for NBI.

NBI Clearance Requirements

NBI Clearance Requirements
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NBI clearance is special and very important document for those people who wants to go Philippines. When you will apply for this document all data of your checked and finally This document issued. Now come and see requirements data for NBI Clearance Application. The list of requirement is given below:

Requirement#1: UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID or the SSS ID)

First requirement for NBI clearance document is UMID. This is a identity card of Philippines which is first time introduced in 2010.

Surname, Given Name, Middle Name, Gender, DOB, Address and also this contains a picture of the bearer’s face, signature and common reference number on the front.

Requirement#2: Passport

Passport is very important document for every person and without this people can not visit other countries. Passport is also require when you are going to apply for NBI Clearance

Requirement#3: Driver’s License

Driving License is also required to submit when you are going to apply for new NBI Clearance. All those people who are driving in Philippines they must have driving license and they can also submit for NBi Clearance.

Requirement#4: Birth Certificate authenticated by the PSA (Original Copy)

And also its necessary for all people to submit their birth certificate that must be authorized by the PSA. They can use this for NBI Clearance id card.

Requirement#5: Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration

Voter Registration Certificate is also acceptable for the application of NBI Clearance process. If you have a Voter Registration Certificate then you can show this card and can get NBI id card. Lets see further requirement data:

Requirement#6: Postal ID

IF the the government of Philippines provide a Postal ID then you can also use this Postal id for the application of NBI.  Postal ID has also a value in Philippines and therefore this is acceptable.

Requirement#7: PhilHealth ID

And also if the government of Philippines has issued you a special health ID then you have a choice to use this health id for nbi card. Through this PhilHealth id you can get NBI id.

Requirement#8: BIR ID

And in the last is BIR ID which is a special document provide Philippines government. This is a special document that has value in Philippines and you can easily without any type of tension use this ID for NBI clearance.

Note#1: There is not acceptable any non government document. So use documents which we have discussed above.

Note#2: You have choice to bring only 2 documents which we have discussed above 8 Requirements.

NBI Clearance Application Procedure

In the above of this paragraph we have fully discussed about the requirements and. If you wants to apply for NBI Clearance then you can done this easily for the complete application procedure click here and then a new post will be open and here you need to follow all instructions carefully. Through following that steps you can easily apply for NBI.


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